Direct links.

Terms of use of direct links on websites

What is "direct links" and why we provide all users with direct links to the files?

Direct links to a file called a link that does not open any pages at all, and immediately begins loading the file.

We offer the possibility of using direct links, but with certain conditions and restrictions. See below.

In general, for transmitting and distributing files direct links are not required. In addition, many users even more convenient to use the download page with a short address, which would be more information about the download file.

Conditions of use of direct links.
Service is free, but what we want for the provision of direct links? If you use direct links and put them on your website or blog, we believe that would be fair if you will tell your visitors about us, by setting a link to our service.

Restriction using direct links.

  • Transferring files to be loaded direct links, it is using the cheaper and less-speed communication channels.
  • When a file is accessed by a direct link, the counter does not increase downloads and file storage period will not be extended.
  • Direct links are not available for executable files (files with extensions exe, com, bat, cmd, msi, apk).