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Вашему вниманию могу предложить «Путаницу» в исполнении всеобщего любимца и гения вокала Bobby McFerrin и Yo-Yo Ma почти джазовую подборку классических миниатюр (Bobby McFerrin & Yo-Yo Ma - Hush (1992)): 1 Grace (McFerrin) [3:54] 2 Andante (Vivaldi. From concerto in d minor for 2 mandolins) [4:03] 3 Flight of the bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov) [1:09] 4 Stars (McFerrin) [4:04] 5 Hush little baby (Traditional. Arr: Bobby McFerrin) [2:36] 6 Vocalize (Rachmaninoff) [6:27] 7 Musette (J. S. Bach. From The Notebook for Anna Magdalene Bach) [4:13] 8 Coyote (McFerrin) [2:52] 9 Allegro prestissimo (Barriere. From sonata for 2 cellos) [2:37] 10 Ave Maria (Gounod / Bach) [2:38] 11 Hoedown! (McFerrin) [5:39] 12 Air (J. S. Bach. From orchestral suite No. 3) [5:12] 13 Good Bye (McFerrin) [1:11]
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